A few voyages

Blue water cruising on board an Allures? Our owners are the best ones to talk to about it. Feedback and cruising vicariously, we never get tired of receiving stories. By sharing them with you, we hope they’ll be a source of inspiration for the best trip of all: yours of course.


Every blue water cruising story begins with different motivations: discovering the world, going out to meet others, living intensely with your family, reconnecting with nature, discovering the most beautiful paradises by sea, living in a peaceful time-space, simply enjoying life…

Each story has its own journey and its own rhythm: starting with a month, a year, a lifetime, going around the world, or going home between each season.

Blue water cruising is a project that you dream of, that you prepare for and that you remember.

The visible happiness of those who have taken the plunge and realized their dream is an incentive to act, and to find answers to your uncertainties

Our ambition is to support you in the design and implementation of your project. So that you can finally see the world according to your desires… and that tales of your adventures will be told on these pages!

Click on the images below to discover our owner’s testimonies.

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