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We adapt to your needs

The big day has arrived, your Allures awaits you on the shipyard’s pontoon. Her hull and deck are shining in the sun after the morning dew. You take your first steps on the deck, first descent into the warm interior you’ve dreamed of for so many years. Everything you have chosen with infinite care is there, and more besides, with a pretty bouquet of flowers and some finger-food to help you recover from all this emotion.

Because this first week is as impressive as it is important for the success of your future sailing, we will accompany you day after day, step by step in the discovery of your new Allures, so that she holds (almost) no more secrets for you.

Of course we’ll go sailing. First time, just for the pleasure of feeling the boat of your dreams living under your feet, to take the helm, make a tack, and return gently to the pontoon. And then to test everything, validate everything and get to know this new member of your family. Accompanied by a professional skipper, you will become familiar with manoeuvring in port, entry and exit, playing subtly with the bow thruster. Once offshore, the entire sail wardrobe will be hoisted “for testing”. The wind might not exceed 15 knots, but let’s put in the reefs anyway, making sure that manoeuvres are carried out in sequence, that the reefing lines are all the right length. Noon is fast approaching, so why don’t we try anchoring? The magnificent bay of Anse du Brick opens up before us. Matthias, your skipper for the day, is also an excellent cook, and he has prepared some of his specialities for you, along with a good bottle of wine… we are still in France remember!

You have five half-days to understand everything. Our specialists come to describe and explain all the systems on board. A well-understood system will be well used, well maintained and will guarantee your total autonomy. So Thierry for electronics, Yvan for electricity, and Romain for plumbing will be there to explain everything. And if you need more training or support, a team member for the first few days, or even a skipper to finish reassuring you, we will be happy to provide you with this service.

We will also give you breathing space because it’s a lot of information all at once. That’s why you need to plan a week before you cast off for good. And we will take you to try St Vaast oysters at a restaurant, because without friendliness we would not do this job. And also because we love our boats, so when you leave, you take a little bit of us with you.

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