Allures keeps up with you all over the world


Allures keeps up with you all over the world to answer your questions wherever you are.

« It’s only those who don’t go sailing who never have anything happen, » says Titouan Lamazou, winner of the first Vendée Globe in 1989. So let’s say it, you’re bound to have some concerns. Little ones that will make you laugh gently. Bigger ones, which you will be proud to have overcome.

Under these circumstances, what we absolutely want to avoid at Allures Yachting is that you feel alone. That’s why we created Grand Large Services. They will be the ones who will give you the control of your boat, the best way to get to know each other and speak a common language. In permanent contact with you, by email, by phone, or by following you thanks to AIS, they react quickly to your requests. They know your boat, they know the sea, they have the whole production file in front of them and the engineers of the design office are nearby. A question, a breakdown, a malfunction, under warranty, out of warranty, something you want to add, modify, a need for external help, a skipper, some assistance? They are your essential point of contact, entirely dedicated to your service and listening to you.

But Grand Large Services also offers a personalized service that precisely meets your needs, which may sometimes be… unusual! Getting a mast across France by road, freeing up the deck of its lucky owner while the boat makes the same journey, but through the canals. Getting a spare centreboard shipped (express!) to the Galapagos after an involuntary and sudden grounding. Sending a technician to a Tunisian marina to carry out a complete overhaul of the boat after a first summer of sailing. We have hundreds of anecdotes like these, but we are waiting for yours above all!

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