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It’s a story that people under twenty mustn’t know about. The story of two school friends looking for the ideal sailboat, and who, when they fail to find it, have it designed and built by the best specialists. Fifteen years later, and they are at the head of one of the most beautiful “success stories” of French boating at the beginning of the 21st century.


Allures Yachting

The rise to success

Born in 2003 with a blue water cruising project of two experienced engineers and managers, Allures Yachting quickly established itself as THE benchmark in the blue water cruising business. With a formed hull and polyester deck, working with naval architect Olivier Racoupeau, and renowned interior designer Franck Darnet, they have totally renewed the concept of an aluminium centreboarder. Safer and easier to handle than ever, it is now also elegant and high-performance.


A true success story: in just a few short years, Allures Yachting has become the standard- setter in the market for aluminium centreboarders dedicated to long-distance cruising. Stéphan Constance and Xavier Desmarest, the founders, look back at their history.

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Choosing Allures means choosing freedom. With us you will always be free: free to choose, free to go where you want, free to make your dreams come true.

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Design and blue water cruising

The success of your trip is our priority from the outset at design phase of our boats. Naval architects, designers and engineers combine the hundreds of thousands of miles covered by previous owners, their personal experience and respective talents to design the ideal boat.

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Quality of construction

By offering an impeccable level of construction, one clearly above the standard of the boating industry, Allures Yachting has succeeded in breaking through and lasting.

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