Assistance throughout the construction process


Assistance throughout the construction process (Client Road Book, construction follow-up…)

At Allures Yachting you are not like a number, but you have ours! Sales representative, production manager, design office, founder-manager, you know everyone and everyone knows you. You can call us whenever you want and you will always be welcome at the yard.

From our first quotation to the delivery of your yacht, personalized assistance awaits you at all stages of the construction of your yacht. We only build to order and it will, by definition, be unique. Therefore, to ensure that we deliver your boat on time and corresponding completely with your wishes, we have set up several aids so that you can follow the creation of your yacht day after day.

As soon as your order is confirmed, you will receive your “Client Road Book”. This document describes each step that will lead you to set sail. Integrating the key stages of construction, it explains the critical deadlines for taking your decisions on the various possible options, anticipate the various administrative and financial steps necessary for the successful completion of your project, and gives you all the contacts and useful practical information during these few important months.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, whether you live 100 or 10,000 miles from our assembly halls, we post a series of photos of your yacht under construction several times a month on the website in your private owner’s area. You will see her, week after week, being born before your eyes. In addition, beyond the emotion, these images will not only create amazing memories, but potentially a very useful reminder of how your Allures s constructed, where things are placed and how this or that piece of equipment is mounted.

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