Preparation modules


Preparation modules for casting off with complete peace of mind (EFT).

Being alone in the middle of the ocean on a boat that is both the equivalent of your home and your car, far from any outside help, without a doctor, can legitimately raise some questions about your degree of autonomy in certain strategic areas.

Also, before questions become anxious and paralyse any project, the Grand Large Yachting Group has teamed up with the Escale Formation Technique centre to provide training and prepare you in key areas where you don’t feel totally in control.

The objective is not to turn you into a specialist in everything, but to enable you to analyse, understand and take action in the first instance in many situations of daily life at sea: weather, electricity, electronics, mechanics, safety and medicine are the most requested courses.

Less critical but just as interesting are the training courses in seamanship, astro-navigation or the choice and maintenance of watermakers. And if it is port manoeuvres or sailing at night that still holds you back, there are also training courses for those. They can even be customized on board your own sailboat. So no more made-up excuses not to cast off, peace of mind is now on your side.

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