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We invite you to discover the many support services offered by Grand Large Services (GLS), a member of the Grand Large Yachting Group, a subsidiary 100% dedicated to your service, to you as the owner of an Allures.

Grand Large Services

360° services for which you are the centre

At Allures Yachting, each customer sees their boat built almost before their eyes. Also, the delivery of your yacht is not the beginning of our relationship. But it is even less so the end. From your first day of sailing to the eventual resale of your boat, you benefit from an exhaustive and exclusive range of services for the owners of the brands of the Grand Large Yachting group.

The Blue Water Cruising seminar

Blue water novices or the already-experienced, this seminar is open to everyone: those who have doubts, those who want to share their adventures, those who come to exchange with other enthusiasts and of course those who just want to know more about the blue water cruising.

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Setting off to go around the world by boat implies a great deal of autonomy, and while you can’t be a specialist in everything, it’s reassuring for you and your loved ones to acquire some basic knowledge in several key areas before leaving, which will guarantee peace of mind on your travels. Because at Allures Yachting, we believe our role goes well beyond the construction of your boat, and so we offer many training courses related to the blue water cruising.

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Grand Large Services

At Allures Yachting, as in the group’s other shipyards, we believe that it is our duty to support you throughout the life of your boat. It is to serve you on a daily basis, wherever you are, that we created Grand Large Services in 2010.

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A department dedicated entirely to the resale of your boat has been set up to facilitate your procedures and ensure their fluidity and safety.

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