The Blue Water Cruising seminar

Are you dreaming of sailing around our planet but some of your questions have not yet been answered? The Blue Water Cruising seminar is the event you have been waiting for to discover long-term voyaging through the eyes of those who have experienced it. So bring your doubts, your ambitions, your dreams. None of your questions will remain unanswered.


The Blue Water Cruising seminar

Exclusively created by the Grand Large Yachting group, the Blue Water Cruising seminar has been a growing success for ten years now. Why? Because it allows you to take stock of your dream (or is it already a project?) of a long-term cruise over a two-day period, in contact with other like-minded sailors thinking of setting off, and listening and sharing with those who have already left, or even for whom it has become their way of life.

Our speakers are circumnavigators, having cruised as a couple or with many people on board, with or without children, in Polynesia or Patagonia, on one or two hulls, most often on a sailing boat, but other types of propulsion are also discussed. They have thousands of anecdotes, and it is a joy to hear them told, and little lessons learned from them.

Our ambition is for you to leave this seminar with peace of mind, with some answers to your questions, and above all an address book enriched with many contacts ready to help you in your project, or, like you, ready to take the next step.

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On the programme

Two intensive days, during which you’ll find:

  • Talks by specialists on the key factors for the success of a long-term cruise: meteorology, route planning, active and passive safety, how to communicate, how to train for medical issues in isolated areas, etc.
  • Meals and breaks are always too short and often go beyond the schedule, as they are rich in informal and direct exchanges between the audience or with the experts
  • But this seminar wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiration, support and constant participation of Jimmy Cornell: navigator, standard-setting writer, multilingual lecturer, rally organiser, to name but a few of the many strings to his bow
  • Two lunches, two breakfasts and a dinner conference are included in your registration.

Register now for the 2019 session that will be held in Paris the 6th and 7th April : Register form

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