Setting off on your own, as a couple or as a family?


You dream by the way?

« When you love you have to leave », wrote the poet Blaise Cendrars. On an Allures, those you love can travel with you. In the fifteen years we have been watching you sail away from the Normandy coast to the four corners of the world, we have seen all the types of crew possible.

Most often those setting off are in a relationship. You share the same passion, the same desires. Most often it’s after, but sometimes during, a busy working life: it’s a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourselves. A common project, to which everyone brings their skills, their sensitivity, and takes charge of the areas where they feel most comfortable, where they can provide solutions. In an isolated environment, you are the medical person, I am the weather expert. For victualing, both of you are involved in making the list, in the hope that everything will fit in the lockers. And everything does always fit – it’s amazing what you can get on these boats! But keep an eye on the waterline all the same.

We have a special fondness for families. We loved building this Allures 45 forecabin with bunk beds to accommodate the owners’ 4 children. What an extraordinarily rich life experience they will have lived during this school year on the water, traveling the globe from Africa to the Caribbean, Cape Verde to the Azores. We saw them arrive with teary eyes having left friends, home, and earthly habits in September. We saw them return radiant, happy and incredibly strong in July of the following year. In addition, with a family bond strengthened by this exceptional shared experience.

Rarer, but still exciting to follow, there are the single-handers. By choice or because their passion for the sea is not totally shared by their other half, it is their project. Their choice of routes, stopovers, pace does not depend on anyone, and they take full advantage of it. Friends will of course be willing to be helpful crew for long crossings. Madame, more often than Monsieur, it must be admitted, will join at the stopovers she fancies most. Everyone will find what they’re looking for, achieving both happiness and balance for all.

But however your crew is made up, what we love, is seeing you set off to make your far-flung dreams become reality.

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