Take advantage of the feedback


Take advantage of the feedback from more than 150 owners around the world and set off on a boat designed for long-distance cruising.

In the fifteen years of our existence, we have seen more than 150 sailboats leave our Normandy pontoon. Some of them several times when, while the initial trip for which they were designed is complete, they find new crew, with other dreams to pursue.

That’s sufficiently few that we can stay in close contact with each of their respective owners, to know their successive baptismal names and to know in which paradise area of the globe they have anchored. But it is also a huge amount of information: exceptional feedback that we are lucky enough to have, to improve our boats year after year, from model to model.

Combined with the two other shipyards of the group, Garcia Yachts and Outremer, which also offer ocean cruising boats, these are millions of miles covered, on every ocean. When we look at a map of the world, it’s not easy to find a square inch of blue which hasn’t been furrowed by one of the bows carved in our workshops: from the Northwest Passage to Patagonia, from the Red Sea to Easter Island, from the fjords of Norway to southern New Zealand, you’re guaranteed to cross the wake of an Allures one day.

Also, the equipment we present to you, the rigging configurations we recommend, the safety equipment selected, are not really our choices, we must admit it. They are the result of the experience of the hundreds of sailors who have gone before you on the oceans all these years. They have tested everything for you. And we salute them. When they had problems they called us, sometimes in the middle of the night, from the other side of the world. So we can assure you that we take into account all their comments, on the reliability of the equipment, on its ease of maintenance, on the durability of the materials. Concluding with a concrete example, you may have noticed that apart from the arch, there is no longer any aluminium part painted on an Allures today, unlike early models. The benefits of experience…

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