Why set off?


What is your project?

With more than one hundred and fifty Allures on the water, some of them having known several owners, there are almost as many reasons to leave as there are crews to meet. And it’s a wonderful, random list that we love to explore.

There are the most traditional, those who are pursuing their childhood dreams, the teenage stories they read, or their sailing heroes. Those who, like Stendhal, love “countries where shade is needed”, even in winter. It’s touching to see those who are following in the footsteps of their ancestors, discovering their roots, sometimes from Europe as far as New Zealand.

We love the enthusiasts, the adventurers, the humanitarians. One set off to circumnavigate and to go skiing wherever possible, with a “sea view”. Another, a nurse, is stopping for several days on each Papuan island to visit and help out at the local health clinic. There are wine lovers travelling around the world to discover some great vintages. An American couple is travelling to learn different cuisine from around the world. One sends us watercolours of the Patagonian Channels. Another has only one objective, the Northwest Passage, following in the wake of Amundsen. And of course we’ve stopped counting divers, scuba or freedivers, emeritus or otherwise, fans of surfing, kite-surfing, paddle-boarding or windsurfing who have gone to discover the most beautiful spots in the world.

But you can also set off without a precise goal, just to take a break, to find yourself again, with your loved one, to leave this crazy world and give meaning to life again: “Stop the earth, I want to get off!”. Great, two-thirds of it is covered by the oceans, so that leaves room to escape! And there will always be the right Allures for that.

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