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Experience Freedom

Take the plunge in 6 steps

Step 1 : Define your project

Whether tracing a new wake on the world’s oceans has been your life-long dream or is a more recent desire, Allures Yachting was born to accompany you throughout your project. So welcome aboard.


Setting  off on your own, as a couple or as a family?

” When you love you have to leave ” wrote the poet Blaise Cendrars. On an Allures, those you love can travel with you. In the fifteen years we have been watching you sail away from the Normandy coast to the four corners of the world, we have seen all the types of crew possible.

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Why set off?

With more than one hundred and fifty Allures on the water, some of them having known several owners, there are almost as many reasons to leave as there are crews to meet. And it’s a wonderful, random list that we love to explore.

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Step 2 : Allures Yachting will design the boat you need

Together, we will design the sailboat that suits you, seduces you, reassures those who love you, and that you love. We’ll focus on getting you where you want, near or far, but for the long term, that’s for sure.

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Why choose an aluminium centreboarder?

From Polynesian voyaging canoes to Viking longships to Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, human beings have not been sat around waiting for the aluminium centreboarder. Yet over the past half-century it has become the boat of choice for many sailors setting off to go cruising around the world.

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Take advantage of the feedback

In the fifteen years of our existence, we have seen more than 150 sailboats leave our Normandy pontoon. Some of them several times when, while the initial trip for which they were designed is complete, they find new crew, with other dreams to pursue.

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Step 3 : Allures Yachting builds the boat you need

Throughout the construction of your boat, we will constantly exchange ideas to validate, adapt, modify, customize, and ensure that it corresponds in every respect to what you imagined, to what you will experience. Intensely.

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Our assistance

At Allures Yachting you are not like a number, but you have ours! Sales representative, production manager, design office, founder-manager, you know everyone and everyone knows you. You can call us whenever you want and you will always be welcome at the yard.

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A personalised handover

The big day has arrived, your Allures awaits you on the shipyard’s pontoon. Her hull and deck are shining in the sun after the morning dew. You take your first steps on the deck, first descent into the warm interior you’ve dreamed of for so many years. Everything you have chosen with infinite care is there, and more besides, with a pretty bouquet of flowers and some finger-food to help you recover from all this emotion.

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Step 4 : Allures Yachting accompanies you

Once launched, we will make sure that you master all the manoeuvres, functions and details before you head off towards the horizon. Maintenance, assistance, delivery, advice: at Allures Yachting, the service continues, including until the day you decide, perhaps, to resell your boat.

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Our preparation modules

Being alone in the middle of the ocean on a boat that is both the equivalent of your home and your car, far from any outside help, without a doctor, can legitimately raise some questions about your degree of autonomy in certain strategic areas.

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Allures keeps up with you all over the world to answer your questions wherever you are

« It’s only those who don’t go sailing who never have anything happen » says Titouan Lamazou, winner of the first Vendée Globe in 1989. So let’s say it, you’re bound to have some concerns. Little ones that will make you laugh gently. Bigger ones, which you will be proud to have overcome.

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Step 5 : Reaching a milestone

The best way to understand what your new life’s going to be like is to share the experience of those who have lived it and we are happy to share with you on this site, or through direct contact if you wish, those of many Allures owners.

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The Voyages of Sodric

A circumnavigation for 2!

At the end of October 2012, Sodric left her home port of La Rochelle for a round-the-world trip lasting several years. An epic that begins in the most beautiful way, downwind, towards Spain and the coasts of Galicia. A stopover of a few days in A Coruña and then Bayona allowed for settling the last few details of living on board, before setting off to sea.

Discover the adventures of Sodric!


Travel aboard an Allures 40, started since 2012 to multiple countries.

Allures 40

Step 6 : Ready for adventure

Allures Yachting’s ambition will always be to be a partner in your dreams.  Carefully helping turn them into reality.  And taking pride in the fact that you’re living on our boats with complete peace of mind.

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